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It’s even more sad that her co-workers say she’s like that to everyone.

Reply I forgot to put the stores town and state and want to make sure they get credit for their actions. I will never spend a dime in this store again thanks to Belinda Reply I purchased a Christmas tree from freds just two days ago, when I got it home the Christmas tree was two different trees in the box.

Fred’s opened its first discount store in Coldwater, Mississippi in 1947.

Today Fred’s serves customers with moderate or fixed incomes with stores in small and medium-sized towns across the Southeast and parts of the Midwest.

Half of it was prelit the other half no lights whatsoever on it.

After I realize this I had put the whole tree together.

I’m told no I have to have a receipt for a even exchange which I know is not true because I have exchange things that cost more without a receipt before.I didn’t say anything to Pam to not cause a scene in front of my kids or other customers because I know better and plus it would not have been pretty.Disrespecting other customers or their kids is unacceptable.The chain is made up of more than 700 stores in 15 states in total.About half of Fred’s stores have full-service pharmacies.

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