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(Note: This will be an episodic series, so when there’s a gap between chapters you won’t need to read the whole story-so-far to get into it)Olivia loved the fantasy of having her mind controlled, and being forced into all kinds of dark sex games.Just her luck that the first real hypnotist she met said “No, you’re underage,” and programmed her to be a good girl, quit smoking, and study hard at school.A devious bimbo cheerleader uses her army of silly cheerleaders to break the wills and minds of three young goth girls until their whole beings are warped into the perfect image of a silly bimbo cheerleader.Just when Melissa is getting used to her first job after college, she’s suddenly transfered to a new department.Both couples have young children but it seems they were able to enjoy a night off from parenting duties.Chris and Luke’s younger brother, Liam, wasn’t with them in NYC.Can a fallen heroine find the courage and strength to challenge an enemy that no one, including herself, has been able to defeat?

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Being in the biz of beauty, you are constantly washing hands, using cleansers, etc. And you feel you are in the tropics from the smell…it’s affordable under 5€ So I was hopeful…

But today is her birthday, she’s finally old enough, and Jim is really looking forward to testing out all the exciting triggers he’s set into her mind over the last year. Through her inaction, Jeremiah King has conquered and enslaved the world itself, and now seeks to conquer all other realities as well.

Thrust unfairly from her world of bliss, Lacie returns to find her world changed, twisted into a desolate parody of itself, where evil rules the day, and all others who dared to stand against King’s tyrany gone, either enslaved to his will, or slain outright.

Earlier in the day the Aussie actors strolled around So Ho with their respective wives, Elsa Pataky and Samantha, and then the group got all dressed up for the Oceana Ball held at Christie’s.

The gala is a fundraising event that raises money to protect and restore the world’s oceans.

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