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Along with young adults, women tend to have greater exposure than men to some negative aspects of dating in the social networking era.

Female social media users are significantly more likely than males to have blocked or unfriended someone who was flirting in a way that made them feel uncomfortable (33% of female SNS users have done this, compared with 19% of men), although women and men are equally likely to have unfriended a past flame, or to have untagged or deleted photos from a past relationship.

These and other similar behavioral tendencies foster extended close contact between sexual partners and make them feel more intimate with each other, thereby promoting enduring attachment bonds between them.However, human offspring are vulnerable throughout an exceptionally prolonged development period.Hence, in ancestral environments, sexual partners needed to stay together long enough to jointly care for their offspring during the period of maximum vulnerability, thereby increasing the offspring’s chances of survival and future reproductive success.Over the course of human evolution, selection pressures have produced mechanisms that keep sexual partners attached to each other for an extended period, motivate them to remain in a committed relationship and engage in co-parenting behaviors following an offspring’s birth.Humans, for example, tend to have sex in private and to sleep together afterwards.

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