Dating political conservatives

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One of the overarching questions, at least for some of us in the room, was where are the libertarians you all are talking about?

Why weren’t any of them invited to speak, perhaps to engage, to explain themselves.

I honestly never knew that mandatory union membership was something my faith required, and global warming, too, Likely with a chuckle, the University pointed out that a huge number of professors who signed the letter work at academic institutions that happily take scads of Koch cash.

Just like the Juice-Box Theologians, these folks seem intent on convincing Catholics that we are forbidden by the Church to be economic conservatives; that Catholics cannot believe in a market economy.

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The Catholic left dutifully reported that Sirico sees Galt as a Christ-figure, which he never did.He went after “self-professed Catholics” who had dared to challenge some of the Pope’s economic pronouncements.One expected more from him, who is greatly admired by Catholic conservatives, than his repeated suggestion that Catholic conservatives are “radical libertarians” and therefore not “true Catholics.” He said such as these are fine with families living in the streets, Third World children suffering from malaria and HIV/AIDS, and indigent elderly with curable diseases. Stephen Schneck, who runs the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at the Catholic University of America, gave among the most interesting talks, tracing libertarian ideas from Barnard de Mandevile’s 1704 poem to the French Revolution to the Scottish Enlightenment to Civil War America and down to the present day. He took the detour through history to demonstrate “that I do understand libertarianism: its roots and its branches.” And he ended his historical tour back with Ayn Rand and John Galt.They compare this over against libertarianism; a radical individualism where each man sets and makes his own course that—damn all the rest—leads to flourishing unless the heavy hand of the state interrupts it.Above all—to radical individualists—the State is the Enemy.

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