Child updatepanel not updating list of canadian dating sites

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Since child pages are all separate pages, your browser requests a full new page whenever you browse from page to page. You then have a single page (in this case you don't even need to use master pages).

If you want to minimize that, you can use the AJAX panel to refresh only parts of the page; however, it won't work for completely new page requests. Your navigation links then cause the user control loaded in the page content area to change. Honestly, for this type of behavior, you might be better off to use an i Frame.

This can be achieved easily via Java Script - you could call a function from the main page that will perform the needed actions there and vice-versa.In this case using AJAX in the content page is pretty straightforward - just do it as if the page is loaded in the browser.You can freely use asp Update Panels, the Telerik Rad Ajax Panel or Rad Ajax Manager with its settings as required by the current scenario.For more information on the latter see this KB article.When the Navigate Url property is used to load an entire page in the Rad Window it acts just like an iframe would - it creates a separate document for the other page and it cannot be accessed directly from the main page, especially in the code-behind.

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