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Dreams about cheating, either being cheated on or cheating yourself, are some of the most commonly reported, and most troubling, dreams there are.

Many people take these dreams as prophecies, and accuse their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend of cheating in real life.

They are afraid their husband will find out about their affair.

They sign-up, but really don’t have any intention of meeting up. Trying to hookup with them is like running in circles.

Rather, the dream is most likely caused by insecurity, anxiety or guilt on the part of the dreamer.

For instance, things like a sudden change in wardrobe, new cologne or sudden interest in fitness can often signal a cheating spouse.So whether you are the cheater or the cheatee in your dream, it is important to examine the situations you encounter in your dreams.The situations, places and people encountered while in a dream state often represent real people, places and objects, and learning the connections can allow you to correct the situations that are leading to such feelings of insecurity and anxiety.Likewise, dreaming that you are cheating on your spouse or significant other can result from guilt you feel about other issues.In some cases these feelings of guilt are not even related to your relationship.

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